Mega 98.3

Mega 98.3

Puro Rock Nacional

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About Radio Station

Mega 98.3 is an Argentine radio station that transmits from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The main distinguishing feature of Mega 98.3 is that its programming consists of Argentine rock (hence its slogan : "pure national rock" ) almost entirely, the exception being some Uruguayan rock bands that also have a rotation on the radio.
Frequencies -
89.9 Mhz San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman
90.1 Mhz. Stgo. Del Estero, Stgo Del Estero
98.3 Mhz Parchment, Buenos Aires
90.1 Mhz Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires
91.7 Mhz. Neuquen, Neuquen
94.3 Mhz Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires
103.7 Mhz Bariloche, Rio Negro
105.7 Mhz San Luis, San Luis
106.5 Mhz Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz
102.3 Mhz Parana, Entre Rios
98.3 Mhz Bragado, Buenos Aires
98.3 Mhz Trelew, Chubut
98.9 Mhz. San Juan, San Juan
99.3 Mhz Gral Roca, Rio Negro
98.1 Mhz Currents, Currents
96.5 Mhz Junin, Buenos Aires
88.1 Mhz Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Santa Fe
100.1 Mhz Santa Fe Capital, Santa Fe
94.1 Mhz Free Passage Currents
106.3 Mhz Merlo San Luis
106.5 mhz Carlos Paz, Córdoba
89.1 Mhz Villa Gesell
103.1 Mhz July 9
107.1 Mhz Olavarría
98.5 Mhz Pinamar

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