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Band FM

Band FM

Your radio, your way


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About Band FM

Band FM is a Brazilian radio network focused on the popular segment, belonging to the Bandeirantes de Comunicação Group. The station began its journey with the inauguration of 96.1 FM in São Paulo - then called "Bandeirantes FM" - which initially relayed the programming of Rádio Bandeirantes, its sister on the AM dial. Over time and the popularization of FM radio, the station gained its own attractions and, in the late 1980s, became known by its current name.
In addition to having its headquarters broadcast in the city of São Paulo, the Band FM network has four own stations, which are broadcast on 106.7 MHz in Campinas, 96.7 MHz in Ribeirão Preto and 99.1 MHz in Vitória da Conquista, with 42 affiliated stations installed in 12 states in Brazil. Nationally, it ranked third in audience in 2016.
The broadcaster's programming is predominantly geared towards the transmission of music, having as its main audience target the so-called "class C". The network's affiliates can produce programs locally, with some national attractions, such as Band Coruja, Band Bom Dia and A Hora do Ronco. In some cases, they can also retransmit programs from other Grupo Bandeirantes networks, such as the news from BandNews FM and Rádio Bandeirantes.

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