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Ouro Verde FM

Ouro Verde FM


The Best Easy Radio in Brazil


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About Ouro Verde FM

Ouro Verde FM is a radio station in Curitiba, Parana operating on the 105.5 MHz frequency on FM.
Ouro Verde FM class A in Curitiba is part of the SIRA group. For over 10 years, it has been the consecutive leader in the qualified adult segment, class AB above 25 years of age. The programming is basically musical with a selection of themes that make it a Radio that is the face of Curitibano, demanding and in good taste.
Founded on March 15, 1984, Ouro Verde FM has been awarded, among other honors, with the Columnists Award for the best FM station in Curitiba, the Best Radio Award, also as the best broadcaster in the city, 01 diamond disc, 02 discs platinum and 03 Gold discs.
Its schedule also includes the news bulletin "Ouro Verde Notícias" and the bulletin "Ouro Verde no Transito", which keeps the listener well informed every hour about the main events in Curitiba, Brazil and the world.
SIRA - The Integrated Radio System was created to offer the most complete options to advertisers in Parana and Brazil.
Successor to the Ouro Verde AM radio since 1984, the Ouro Verde FM radio broadcasts differentiated programming within the "easy" concept (project created in 2013 based on North American radio) that presents soft songs interspersed with traffic information and headlines of the main news of the At the moment, in general it is among the "Top 10" of the Curitiba dialect.
It is the leading broadcaster in the AB segment above 25 years of age, 82% of its listeners are economically active and more than 60% belong to the AB class.

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