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Positiva FM

Positiva FM

The backcountry of Goiania


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About Positiva FM

Positiva FM is a Brazilian radio network granted in Neropolis, and headquartered in Goiania, Goias. Operates on the 98.9 MHz FM dial, belonging to the RCI Group.
Positiva FM was inaugurated in 2005. It operated on the frequency of 91.5 MHz with 3 thousand watts of power. A few months later it started operating at 91.3 MHz and then in 2007 it moved to the current frequency 98.9 MHz.
Initially owned by Jose Luiz Martins, who also controls the radio Interativa FM, the station was sold in 2015 to the Associaçao dos Filhos do Pai Eterno (Afipe), presided at the time by Father Robson de Oliveira Pereira. Due to the institution's religious profile and popular radio programming, there was an expectation that the radio would be closed on the dial, causing Martins to promote the station's move to the internet, since it was the most heard station in Goiania by online. However, Father Robson decided to maintain the FM programming and staff, in addition to maintaining the Positiva FM brand, since his intention was to maintain audience and revenue.
In March 2019, with the end of Radio Difusora de Goiania's partnership to maintain the Difusora Pai Eterno Network, the sale of Positiva FM was again announced to enable the TV Pai Eterno transmission project, which at the beginning of the month had leased the RCI repeaters.

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