Radio Ndeke Luka

Radio Ndeke Luka

Média n°1 en Centrafrique

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About Radio Station

Radio Ndeke Luka (RNL) began broadcasting in 2000. It took over from Radio Minurca, the radio station of the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic (CAR), which handed over the radio to Fondation Hirondelle after leaving the country. The name 'Ndeke Luka' was born from the contraction of 'Ndeke', the Sango word for a bird, and 'Luka', derived from the English word 'luck'. "Ndeke Luka" means "Auspicious Bird". Anchored in its mission of public service and general interest, Radio Ndeke Luka strives to play a positive role in the reconstruction of the CAR by broadcasting in French and Sango quality information and education programs, live political debates, interactive magazines focusing on human rights, youth, women's issues, development, health and good governance.

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