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WVR Community Radio Station looking for presenters

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Hi there,

Our internet community station WVR is looking for quality volunteer presenter talent. We work to industry standards - please audition the station at www.wvr.digital before applying, to you can hear what we’re all about.

Before you apply please note the following:

1. We are a committed community radio station centred on the village of Waddesdon but serving communities across Buckinghamshire. If you live in that area, this would be an advantage.
2. Our presenter roles are unpaid, we are staffed by people who love the sound of our station and who have a strong empathy with community radio.
3. We are looking for presenters who have something to say, who are able to go further than ‘that was, this is’ and who show warmth and a sense of humour.
4. If you have experience in the community/internet/hospital sphere this may be an advantage to your application.
5. All our shows are voicetracked, we don’t have facilities for live broadcast, so if you’re not happy with VT please don’t apply.
6. We have the highest technical standards – we think we sound one of the best stations on the internet. You will, therefore, need a decent mic, which we will audition. USB mics are mostly good enough, headsets and inbuilt laptop mics may not be.
7. You need to have a Windows PC or laptop – we can’t accommodate Mac users.
8. This is not the station to showcase your DJ sets – you will be required to follow our station music policy.
9. You must be articulate, keen to learn and have an understanding of the strengths of internet and community radio. We’d like you to make a minimum commitment of three months broadcasting with us.
10. Our station is underpinned by staff with over 40 years of professional radio experience and, if you are a beginner, we think you’ll gain valuable experience under our guidance.

Our terms are quite strict, but those who work for us love the way we sound and what we are achieving. There’s a really good bond between our presenters, something you’ll quickly appreciate when you join us.

And here’s how to take the first steps to joining us … you can email us ([email protected]) or use the contact page on our website - www.wvr.digital

We look forward to hearing from you.