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Music promotion  

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I would like to get my music promoted because I'm a new producer
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Tutogol Radio
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@bongza Si es 80s 90s 00s ahda mandala a nuestra Radio.

Team LOR
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radio scene
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Rastafari Blessings 🙏🏾 Greetings to all ❣️
💥My new song is available! Check it out!💥
➡️ Loving Me, Loving You, dedicated to the whole world and most of all, to my native island the Common Wealth of Dominica.
👉 Big Respect to my brother David JnoBaptiste aka Ras Jumbo who is featuring the backing voice. Nough respect, Jah Love, Jah Guide and Jah Bless and protect. Rastafari Selassie I.
👉 Nough respect and special blessed thanks to Charly Laube as the compositor of this song for such beautiful work. 👉 Special thanks to all the musicians who played, especially Vi Avelino. Big love
👍Loving Me, Loving You was recorded, mix and mastered in 2008 in Paris at Sowan Studio by Charles Laube, by FX at Studio L'Auditorium de St Ouen, and finished in Bordeaux in March 2020 at Shaman Studio by Leroy Chambers.
Special thanks for support, share it, love it and spread it out! Enjoy! One love 💚💛❤️