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Let your listeners ask ALEXA....Add alexa to your station today!

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Will write an ALEXA skill that allows people to listen to your online radio stream

(ie Alexa, open (station name))

"You are now listening to (station name)"

then the stream plays.

72 hour turn-around, after i am in receipt of payment & additional required information from you.

(additional time required for Amazon Skill Certification (to be listed in the skill store, etc)

This is for a basic skill that starts,stops playing the stream. $30.00 USD
Additional capabilities can be added on for an additional fee.

Get a $5 discount on your order when stations you refer to us complete and pay for an order!

Amazon requires the stream to be encrypted with SSL (HTTPS) or it won't play.

You can work with your hosting provider to ensure that works. Or, we can help you find appropriate resources.

Being listed on tune-in is okay, and it does work, however they also insert ads into what your listeners hear. A custom alexa skill can help you stay on those devices free if tunein decides to start charging a fee to be listed and/or goes away.

This skill can also be upgraded as follows

(user) "alexa, ask (station name) to play a request."

(alexa)"What do you want to hear?"

(user gives response)

(alexa) we have received your request. Thanks for listening."

Alexa then transcribes what the user said and emails it to your inbox.