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Radio Directory Listing and Free Radio Promote

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Radio Directory Listing and Free Radio Promote. Submit your radio station to popular internet radio directories to attract more listeners.

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Hello everyone,

This is a message for all you music fans out there!
I am having a monthly online music radio show straight from my living room in London, UK and thought I post it on here in case anyone would like to tune in and give it a listen.
The music I am playing is usually rock oriented such as classic rock, hard rock, progressive and southern rock, new wave etc but I will be doing some shows with other styles of music as well (I already did a Christmas special one with music from the 50s and 60s).
The only downside is that the talking during the show is in Greek (native language for me) but the music is what makes most of it so you could still tune in and enjoy some nice tunes! I promise I don't talk over the songs that much 🙂

Next live show will be on Sunday 21st March at 6pm UK time. It will be a show dedicated to blues and blues rock music. They are usually around 2hr long shows.

The link for the live show is: removed link

I am also recording each show and uploading them into mixcloud so you can listen to all previous ones using this link: removed link

I urge you to give them a listen and let me know what you think!
Any feedback is welcome or even no feedback at all - just enjoying the music!

Many thanks,