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How to Promote Music?

Team LOR
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Create your Music Website

Create your own YouTube Channel

Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes

Add your Music to Soundcloud

Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music

Upload Your Music to Spotify

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK, Tumblr to Share Your Music

Join here and Share Your Music

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I play guitar just as a hobbie and I love it, but I also work in marketing and on my free time I am helping a friend of mine promote his hip hop albums, and just wanted to give my 2 cents for this topic, mostly related to the promotion on social media, which sounds simple enough but can be a quite tricky.

When publishing videos for a song, what I can say is that, if you trust your lyrics and have some really powerful phrases in there, put the lyrics or the phrase in the video of your song, whether is a story or a feed video, adding the lyrics we thought were good, really increased or number of clicks. In this case in particular, but was also useful for creating images for social media, we used some tools to produce more professional content. I do some design, but I am in no way a pro, so tools like canva or, in our case we used placeit because it has a specific section of music templates with lots of videos and designs that are quite useful. We made some images to promote gigs, but mainly we made short videos for stories and the news feed, that looked really good and gave the impression to have a lot of production, which have worked really well.

I did a lot of testing trying to figure out what worked better, if using an image/video on the feed, or on a story, and this gave us some numbers on how to proceed, but when we started creating images and videos that looked better and cooler, the results were even more clearer on what to use (definitely more scenic photos and videos that led to a surprise or unexpected ending are the way to go btw), what kind of copy to go with them and all of that...

So, these are my two cents, hope it's useful in some way.