France Maghreb 2

France Maghreb 2

FM 93.8 - Marseille

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About Radio Station

France Maghreb 2 is a Parisian radio station which broadcasts its programs on the FM band, particularly in lle-de-France. France Maghreb 2 is a generalist French-speaking majority radio station which targets the Franco-Maghreb community.
In 1987, France Maghreb 2 was created, in the form of an associative radio station, with the antenna name "France Maghreb 2", broadcasting from November 7, 1987 until September 1992 on the FM band, particularly in Paris and lle-de-France. -France. In 1992, France Maghreb 2 was again authorized to broadcast, but on a different FM frequency, for the Paris / lle-de-France region. Renewed again in 1997, it became a commercial radio station in 2002, under the name "France Maghreb 2".

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