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Klassik Radio

Klassik Radio

Barock - Hamburg


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About Klassik Radio

Klassik Radio is a radio station in Germany. Klassik Radio specialises in classical music, Film music and Lounge music. The channel is receivable in over 300 German cities via FM, throughout Germany via cable, and in Europe via satellite. Klassik Radio is also worldwide streamed on the internet. At the start of the new national DAB standard DAB+ on August 1, 2011 Klassik Radio gained an additional technical range of 53.5 million households in the whole country. Klassik Radio is a subsidiary company of Klassik Radio Inc. located in Augsburg. The broadcasting centre is based in Hamburg.
The music Klassik Radio is broadcasting can be described as relaxation music which consists mainly of very light pieces of the repertoire of the classical music and, increasingly, film music that is suitable for conscious listening. Complete works of classical music are not played, but rather selected movements, which can be enjoyed individually.
1.7 million people listen to Klassik Radio everyday and 204.000 in an average hour (according to Media Analysis 2012 Radio I). These listeners are the premium target group in Germany because they have a high income, a high education above-average, a wide range of interests and they are very interested in culture.

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