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About Radio Station

Our station has been operating since 2014, and thanks to your love and support is still on air!
Lots of good music based on your own favorites and all new releases with the necessary references to your old memorable songs, complete our station's 24-hour schedule.
The events we organize at KISS WEB RADIO featuring new artists' albums, live performances by your favorite singers, first broadcasts of new releases, as well as other activities such as music contests with gifts from our station, avant premier films, our participation in charity events and support for cultural events is the way to express our appreciation to you for your love of music and our station.
KISS WEB RADIO is purely an employment and in no way receives any income from anything (eg advertisements). KISS WEB RADIO neither sponsors nor cooperates with any other radio station. Third-party copyrighted works that may be included on KISS WEB RADIO have been put on the radio for reproduction purposes. At the request of the beneficiaries, the radio will be removed immediately or even suspended. The radio is not transmits with frequency (FM or AM) only over the Internet. The use of KISS WEB RADIO and its contents are subject to the above terms of use. If the user considers these terms unacceptable, please do not use KISS WEB RADIO.

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