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Danubius Radio

Just music, from retro to today's hits

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Decent rock tunes
q95 FM Dominica is best
Melhor web radio do brasil
The Best Music !!!
need more rock music guys

About Danubius Radio

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Danubius Radio Description:

Welcome to the most stylish and diverse radio in Hungary! There's no unnecessary duma here, just music, from retro to today's hits. Without interruption.
Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube success stories and giant start-up products: Google Play Music and Apple iTunes prove that listening to music online is now natural and even more important to everyone. However, there are limitations, e.g. how to compile music lists.
With Danubius Radio, you can hear the greatest hits of recent decades and the present, as never before. Only songs that pass through the filter on Nonstop provide true variety.
What is this filter? We continuously monitor the supply of music and video downloads and streaming sites on a daily basis. Let's take a look at the music most people listen to around the country. We pick the best and then put it on Danubius Radio in the order that the music stream is as varied as possible. You'll find retro classics with us just like the latest hit songs. In 15 minutes you will surely hear from this and from that. And only the best.
Why is Danubius Radio so Cool? Danubius Radio is a Full Service format radio that is not widespread in Hungary, and even more so, to the west, people are beginning to discover that people don't want to listen to a particular style or music of a certain era all day long. Danubius Radio keeps up with current trends and does not attempt to cover a particular style or era. On the contrary! At Nonstop you get the best music of all ages. That's why we're the most diverse radio in Hungary.
We need diversity! Domestic radios usually try to specialize in a particular genre or age group. We think that students do not decide when and how a song was released. Retro music is just as good as today's hits. You just have to find the balance.
On Danubius Radio, you only hear music that has already been proven, hit or clearly suspect. You can find ABBA songs in the same way as Dua Lipa or Ed Sheeran's latest music. Considering the range of domestic radios, approx. we work three times the amount of music. This means that while the largest domestic radios are approx. While 5-600 songs are spun, Nonstop's offer is steadily over 1500 songs. Simple math where music is more diverse.
Internet radios do not have any restrictions on the FM frequencies. There are no music quotas and no mandatory amount of speech. There are no obligatory topics, tricky phrases, same phrasing and horrible interviews. Feminine advice, masculine debates ... experts and decoders ... on other radios! Horoscope, calendar, toys? The others can! And most importantly, you don't hear politics on the Nonstop, either here or there. We really only have music for us.
Danubius Radio has no interruption, crackling, poor quality reception. And remember: Mobile Internet coverage and network speed in Hungary are ranked high in the world. So the future is clear: radio on the Internet! There is only one radio in Hungary today, where only the biggest hits are broadcasted 24 hours without interruption. This is Danubius Radio.
Danubius Radio is updated weekly. We continuously monitor American, British, and Hungarian music lists, keep in touch with publishers, and track music and video download sites. The most popular songs have a good chance of being heard on Nonstop. Our music editing is unique: within a quarter of an hour you will surely hear some retro music and a real hit today. This is how we ensure true diversity, not just talking about it.
One very important fact is that Danubius Radio usually plays 17 songs per hour, while the vast majority of domestic radios play an average of 12 songs. Indeed, the rest are all speech and advertising

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