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Antenna 5 Logo

Antenna 5

FM 95.5 - Skopje


Macedonia [Macedonian]

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About Antenna 5

Antenna 5 Description:

Antenna 5 Radio Network is a number 1 hits radio station in North Macedonia. Antenna 5 Radio Network was founded in 1994 as a contemporary hits radio station. In 1999 Antenna 5 became the first private national radio station in the country. From its very beginning, Antenna 5 Radio Network was part of the European group radio stations that were part of the MTV Radio Network. Antenna 5 covers more than 90% of the country. The audience of the radio station is the population mainly aged between 12 and 35 and living in urban areas.

Antenna 5 Address:

Tetovska 35, Skopje 1000 Macedonia

Antenna 5 Contact Number:

+389 2 31 11 911

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ran one is old name, should be ran fm
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