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Radio Bheri FM 98.6 Mhz Logo

Radio Bheri FM 98.6 Mhz

Community radio

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Flashback Friday
The weekend has landed whoop whoop 🕺♥️🕺♥️🕺♥️
Epic let's go ;)
Pure Dance Radio UK :) let's party
Hi Nau FM, I was wondering if I could send a demo of my song, trap hip-hop the concept behind the song is to motivate youths to never give up in life situations it's kinda a new beat hope you can play it on AIR it's raw btw, is there an email I can send the file too? Thanks #1zero SEGEBEN PRODUCTIONS Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
Hello everyone

About Radio Bheri FM 98.6 Mhz

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Radio Bheri FM 98.6 Mhz Description:

Radio Bheri FM has been launched in Birendranagar of Surkhet, the regional headquarters of the Midwestern Region, on the initiative of Bheri Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited in line with the local people's desire. We are happy to announce that Radio Bheri FM has been relocating to Harre Danda in Surkhet district and broadcasting on 102 dot 7 MHz for the people of Surkhet Valley. At present, FM is running various informative, informative, educational, informative and entertaining programs as per the wishes of the listeners and the program production group is in the process of designing new programs keeping in view the demands of the listeners and local interests. Due to the lack of access to electricity in all the districts of the Midwest except the district headquarters and the lack of education and difficult geographical conditions, the residents of the region have to stay away from access to other means of communication except radio. Has been living. In this context, among the radio listeners who have been listening to the same programs for a long time, the innovative thinking and new format programs prepared by Radio Bheri FM are gaining popularity one after another. Our surveys conducted in a variety of ways have covered most of the 24 districts in the Mid and Far West, including Radio Bheri FM. It is found to be among about 2.5 million listeners. We would like to inform that Radio Bheri FM has adopted a policy of assisting in the upliftment and development of the society, the nation and the community as well as in the market promotion of various products as much as possible.

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