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Radio Vanessa FM

Fm 100.3 - raciborz

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wow, sirilaka best radio super.....
good radio show. best songs
Is this same as pop radio fm97.1?
Very nice!!! with 5 Stars!!!
Shout Radio is the best

About Radio Vanessa FM

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Radio Vanessa FM Description:

Radio Vanessa FM Polish local radio station, associated mainly with Raciborz and the surrounding area. Established on June 5, 1994.
Radio Vanessa FM is broadcast on 100.3 MHz (Raciborz) and 95.8 MHz (Krapkowice) and via the internet on the radio website. The radio format of the station is CHR , it also performs informational functions by regularly broadcasting short news services during the day. Radio Vanessa FM liner is the slogan Lots of New Music.
Radio Vanessa FM was established on June 5, 1994, the first editor-in-chief of the radio was its co-founder, Arkadiusz Ekiert. From the beginning of its existence, it was a local station with exclusively regional coverage. Only after the introduction of internet transmission did the radio gain practically worldwide coverage. However, this did not change the regional character of the station. The first headquarters of Radio Vanessa FM was located on the top floor of the building of Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego Mieszko S.A. A few years later, the move to Bukowa street in the center of Raciborz took place, and since 2004 the new headquarters is located at Batorego street 5. Radio Vanessa FM played a significant role during the flood of the millennium in 1997. For a long time it was the only source of news for residents. Cooperating with the flood control staff, he constantly provided residents with information about flooded areas, missing persons and evacuation actions, reporting events on an ongoing basis. The information was provided by representatives of the public health and gas company, as well as psychologists. For obvious reasons, the implementation of the schedule and the emission of advertisements were suspended. After the departure of the flood wave, the radio reported for a long time on removing the effects of the flood. For his activity in that period, he was awarded the NIPTEL award in 1997. The radio again played an important informative role during the spring 2010 flood, noting a record number of visits to its website.

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