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African Vibe Radio



South Africa [ENGLISH]

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About African Vibe Radio

African Vibe Radio Description:

Approved by Hard-Time Productions, Board of Directors on May, 2019. Established in 2013, Hard-Time Productions is an organization that is motivated by the belief that community arts and participatory media practices play a vital role in building and sustaining healthy communities. Hard-Time Productions. vision of a healthy community is one where residents are actively engaged and fully informed, one where they have the opportunity to shape what takes place in their community, participate in learning opportunities and are able to collaborate together to creatively address issues that have an impact on them. African Vibe Radio is an internet radio station that will be publicly accessible on-line via the World Wide Web and to South Africans households as an audio stream on dedicated closed circuit. The Internet radio station was launched on 1st June 2019 and house data the Hard-Time Production, located in the heart of Johannesburg, at 105 Corner De Korte & Simmonds Street Braamfontein

African Vibe Radio Address:

105 simmonds street braamfontein johannesburg

African Vibe Radio Contact Number:


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