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Gay SA Radio

Gay SA Radio

Where You are Family

South Africa

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About Gay SA Radio

Gay SA Radio is an online radio platform from South Africa, playing awesome music 24/7 with daily programming aimed at the LGBTQ+ of South Africa, the African continent and the world.
The business was started by two friends in October 2015, and made worldwide headlines when the business was registered and started test broadcasts in February of 2016. It started out with a strong volunteer programme with more than 150 people having volunteered in the first phase of operation. Gay SA Radio is gradually building itself up into a self-sustaining concern. It is run from a home office with plans to move to premises with offices and a studio someday soon. There are currently twelve full time employees and number of volunteer contributors.
Gay SA Radio was officially launched at Pretoria Pride in 2016 and has since established itself as a force within the LGBTQ+ community. It’s campaign to ban US gay-hating pastor Steven L. Anderson from entering South Africa in 2016 was a major success and has led to similar actions across the world. Gay SA Radio recently took on another hate pastor, Oscar Bougard, challenging his unsubstantiated claims and assisting the SAHRC in winning its case against the man. Gay SA Radio was a part of the first official raising of the Pride Flag at Pretoria City Hall, and is continually active in an activistic capacity to safeguard and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ South Africans and ensure LGBTQ+ visibility.
Gay SA Radio is online because there is no AM/FM spectrum available in South Africa at this time, and digital audio broadcasting (DAB+) is still years in the future. Digital radio is not restricted as terrestrial broadcasting that is government regulated, proving Gay SA Radio enough room to talk about all issues affecting LGBTQ+ people in an open and honest way without restriction.

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