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Kingfisher FM

God hope & inspiration for your world


South Africa

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About Kingfisher FM

Kingfisher FM Description:

Kingfisher FM was birthed out of a deep desire in the hearts of a passionate group of Christians, to use the platform of radio to see the Kingdom of God established in the city of Port Elizabeth. In 1994, the group went through the challenging task of obtaining a Christian Community of Interest broadcasting license. This involved proving to the broadcasting authorities the need for such a station. They got to work, which included going door to door asking people to sign petitions, public marches and events took place in support of a Christian Radio station. Their tireless effort produced hundreds of thousands of signatures. They succeeded and Radio Kingfisher was born. Our mandate as a station is to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, partner with churches in reaching the lost, equipping, ministering, discipling and encouraging those who tune in. We at Kingfisher FM have a huge heart for the metro, we provide relevant and authentic content, endeavour to grow the business community and our desire is to continue being a voice of hope to those living in Nelson Mandela Bay. Pray for and partner with us, as together we establish God’s Kingdom here in Nelson Mandela Bay!

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radio suria
Im enjoying talking to my mother
Cathy Doyle, Blacon
Hello! smile
Can you play the song that goes, "I saw you dancin with somebody, lookin like me and you" plssssssssss????
Sweet Love - Great Song