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Revenge FM

Motivated by music

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United Kingdom (UK)




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Sassy up n gunning
Out London Ontario
Retro Speck sound tune eeeeeen
Can you give me the title of song or the artist please.
hiiiiiii!!!! well done ronal and amanda!

About Revenge FM

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Revenge FM Description:

Tune in to Revenge FM for all the music you want; pop, dance, rock, classics from the '70s, '80s and '90s, today's hits and even brand-new music from independent and unsigned bands. We’ll also give you interesting podcasts, thrilling radio dramas and intriguing documentaries. We are so sure you will love Revenge FM and want to listen all day long we’ve given you many ways to tune in at home and on the go. And we’ll keep working to make listening as easy as asking your smart speaker to “Play Revenge FM”! So, whether you are into electronic dance, classic rock, drum and bass, pop or rhythm and blues, or if you want to hear audio theatre or a podcast about the Beatles; Revenge FM is the station for you. Because we know you’ll love it, please help us get the word out about our station; so please abuse your social media, tweet about us, share us on Facebook, Instagram us, even use smoke signals and carrier pigeon to tell everyone about Revenge FM. Music is such an important part of life, it marks special occasions and life-changing moments; it brings back memories you cherish and the good old days you long for. Revenge FM will let you recapture those wonderful memories, relive those happy times and, with new, fresh songs, help you create new memories forever. Welcome to Revenge FM - Motivated by Music. Keep music live.

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Rochester, United Kingdom

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