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KSWV Radio Shockwave Logo

KSWV Radio Shockwave

Number #1 synthwave retrowave chillwave synth pop retro 80s music station in the world!

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United States (USA)




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hallo luisteren via internet naar radio MEFF vanuit BREDA
rate 5 stars it's worth!
Radio arata oromo
Electricity Web
This rock station makes me happy!

About KSWV Radio Shockwave

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KSWV Radio Shockwave Description:

KSWV Radio Shockwave is USA based online radio station. Love The Awesome Styles, Pop Culture & Sounds Of The 1980s? This is what we offer. Known as Synthwave, OutRun, Synth Pop, Retrowave, John Carpenter films, John Huges movies, Chillwave, EBM, Darkwave, Shredwave, Vaporwave. Derived from the sound styles of 1980s music, video games, movies and tv soundtracks...The Musical Sound From These Modern Genres Is Beyond Amazing And Phenominal! You Can Dance To Some Of It, Chill Out To Some Of it, Sing Along With Most Of it... And Even Fall In Love To it As Your Mind Takes You On A Listening Adventure Saluting The 80s Miami Vice Past Merged With A Coming CyberPunk Future! We Offer All This To You And More. KSWV RADIO SHOCKWAVE Features and Promotes "ON The Air" Some Of The BEST Independant Signed/Unsigned Electronic Music Artists Of These Genres In The World ! You Can Listen In Anytime 24/ 7, To Our Pre recorded and Live Radio Shows From Almost Any Place On Earth! KSWV-db as well as, are an IRUC licensed, non commercial, non corporate, non-mainstream, global digital radio station. We Exist To Promote and Give A Musical Voice "On The Air" To Independant Music Artists Whose Music Might Never Be Heard Otherwise Because Of The Closed Mindedness Of CORPORATE PROFIT DRIVEN radio. All Promotion and Air time given to Music Artists on our station is Offered Free, No Fee, And No Cost to the artist ever. The Music Artists retain all rights to their music. If Your an Independant Music Artist, unsigned, Self Producing or Signed to a 3rd party Indie Label.... and you create music in Synthwave Retrowave Synth Pop or any of our stations other genres... contact us at / and if we like your music... we will put your music in rotation on the air and try to help you and your music get known to the world. Indie Music For The People...We are KSWV-db Radio Shockwave!

KSWV Radio Shockwave Official Website:

KSWV Radio Shockwave Facebook:

KSWV Radio Shockwave Address:

Los Angeles, California, USA

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